Stock Footage – Marine Life

The Howard Hall Productions Stock Footage Library contains hundreds of hours of high quality marine life behavior and marine life habitat images.  These images were captured in high definition or digital cinema resolutions using the Sony 900 Cine Alta camera, the RED One camera (4K resolution),the RED Epic camera (5K resolution), and the RED Weapon camera (8K resolution).

Our library is composed of more than 30,000 clips and includes hundreds of species of fish and invertebrate captured in numerous tropical, temperate, and subarctic ocean environments.

The videos below are portions of our Wild Window series.  These videos have been annotated with clip file-names for reference to original media.  All clips in these videos were captured in 4K or higher resolution and are available as stock clips from our library.

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Click here to watch the blue whale portion of Wild Window Whales. Filenames are at lower right