Video Demos

Following are a variety of short videos we have made or participated in. Most of these were created from our stock footage library.  These images and many more like them are available for license.  Our marine wildlife footage was captured in either HDCAM, RED 4K,  5K or 8K resolutions.  Our aerial and time lapse footage was captured with Canon DSLR cameras.

Trashing It

This video won the 2nd Place Jury Award at the Audience Awards Competition. To qualify, the video had to have been captured exclusively in 8K and be one-minute in length

Four Times The Philippines

Four Times the Philippines from Howard Hall on Vimeo.

Four Times the Philippines is a revised version of “Atlantis” as entered in the San Diego Underwater Film Exhibition where it won best of show Saturday night.    The video was captured in 4k, 5k, and 8k with the Sony a6300, Red Epic, and Red Helium respectively.  The $500 prize money was donated to


8K from Howard Hall on Vimeo.

As the title implies, 8K is our first demo video captured entirely in 8K resolution.  Locations included the Philippine Islands, California Channel Islands, Monterey California, and the open water off San Diego California.


We made this video having spent two weeks diving with Atlantis Resorts and Liveaboards in the Philippine Islands.  The trip was organized by my old diving buddy Marty Snyderman and by new friend Gordon Strahan, owner of Atlantis Resorts.  Our group consisted of many old friends, and we all had a great time exploring the waters around Puerto Galera and Dumaguete.  Both locations are famous for unusual small marine creatures.  Our Atlantis guides were enormously helpful in our efforts to capture the behaviors of these amazing animals.

Atlantis from Howard Hall on Vimeo.


This video was captured in Busuanga Island, Philippines.  Dugongs are increasingly rare and finding individuals that are approachable is even more rare.  Dugongs are now protected in the Philippines and the Dugong Dive Center in Busuanga regularly takes people out for snorkeling or even scuba encounters.  The video was made possible with support from the Dugong Dive Center, El Rio y Mar Resort, and the Philippines Department of Tourism.

Dugong from Howard Hall on Vimeo.


In July, 2015 we visited Isle of Mull, Scotland to attempt capturing images of basking sharks.  Scotland is one of the very few places where baskers can be seen with some degree of predictability.  As is not unusual, we got all our shots on the last day.  In the video the sharks can be seen feeding on swarms of copepods.  While waiting for weather conditions to permit getting to areas where sharks had been sighted, we spent time on Lunga Island were we captured some nice footage of Atlantic Puffins.

Winged Giants

It had been fifteen years since we had been to the Revillagigedos Islands.  At that time, I captured a lovely sequence of mantas being cleaned by Clarion angelfish.  In May 2015 we returned to the Islands and I was able to reproduce the sequence in 5K with our Epic camera.  This video contains a few of those images.

The Bulls of BAD

This video was captured in 5K during four days of diving with Bega Adventure Divers.  Most of the clips were captured in slow motion at either 96 fps or 48 fps.  The end of the video is in real time.

The Bulls of BAD from Howard Hall on Vimeo.

The Great Blue

This video is an excerpt from Seasons of the Sea, a film I made in 1990.  At that time documentary films were captured on 16mm film and transferred to one-inch video tape in standard definition.  I am now slowly replacing the old standard definition images with more recently captured high definition images in an effort to rejuvenate the film.  The images in this video were captured in either 4K or 5K digital cinema resolutions.

The Great Blue from Howard Hall on Vimeo.

Angel Ray

This is a collection of my favorite manta ray images. Most were captured in either 4k or 5k. Some were captured in HD with my Sony 900 camera. Music is by Alan Williams

Angel Ray from Howard Hall on Vimeo.

California Dreaming

I made this video to present at a Reef Check fund raiser a few years ago.  The event was in Los Angeles and Reef Check wanted to feature California marine life.  The video was originally called 100 Miles since the images were captured within 100 miles of the Reef Check venue.

Most of this video was captured aboard one of the Truth Aquatics liveaboard dive boats out of Santa Barbara, California.  We have made many films aboard their vessels including two IMAX features, and enjoyed countless days if great diving with their support..

In the Dome

Howard Hall Productions is working with Vision 3 Experiential, LLC to produce content for giant screen dome theaters. The footage included in this video was shot as a test to examine the compatibility of 5K digital capture with giant dome formats including IMAX dome and digital dome formats being developed by Vision 3 Experiential.
The underwater images were captured at San Clemente Island, CA in RED 5K using Epic digital cinema cameras in Gates Deep Epic housings and with Canon fish-eye lenses. The aerial footage was captured in the Borrego desert with the Epic camera mounted on an Airborne light sport aircraft. Music by Alan Williams

In the Dome from Howard Hall on Vimeo.

Island of the Ladies

This is a collection of clips captured near Isla Mujeres Island, Mexico. The video was captured with an Epic X camera running at either 48 fps or 96 fps. The whale sharks and manta rays in this video gather at Isle Mujeres each year to feed on tuna and snapper spawn.


This video was capture in Red 4k during 3 weeks in Dominica.


Leviathan was captured in Tonga in Red Epic 5K resolution.  Most of the shots were captured at 48 frames per second.  Some were captured at 96 frames per second.  Ten days after finishing this expedition, Michele and I returned to Tonga to begin work on the MacGillivray Freeman IMAX feature, Humpback Whales.  The IMAX film should release sometime in 2015.

Leviathan from Howard Hall on Vimeo.

DeepSee Synergy

DeepSee Synergy was captured at Cocos Island during a scouting expedition for the One World One Ocean Project.  The video was created to demonstrate the validity of supporting trimix rebreather divers with the Undersea Hunter submersible, DeepSee, to explore the “Twilight Zone” below 250 feet. The dive site was a seamount near Cocos Island called Everest. During the expedition Greg MacGillivray captured preliminary sequences for his One World One Ocean IMAX project.  Deepsea Synergy was captured in RED 4K.  The divers are Dr. Richard Pyle and Shmulik Blum.

DeepSee Synergy from Howard Hall on Vimeo.

Off Road

These aerial images were captured in Southern California with a Canon 7D mounted on an Airborne 912 Trike. I know these aerials are far from world-class, but they make a nice addition to a library filled with marine wildlife subjects. More importantly, this camerawork was great fun to do. The music is an original composition by Shie Rozow and among the various elements includes a live orchestra.

Off Road 2 from Howard Hall on Vimeo.

Creatures of the Lembeh Strait

This video includes some of the the more iconic marine animals of Lembeh. The video was shot during a two-week stay at The Lembeh Resort and with the help of their excellent staff and guides.  My original capture format was RED 4K.

Creatures of the Lembeh Strait from Howard Hall on Vimeo.

Sperm Whale Encounter

This video was captured in Dominica in RED 4K. Divers were Douglas Seifert and Andrew Armour. This is but one shot of many exceptional images captured during this remarkable expedition.

Sperm Whale Encounter from Howard Hall on Vimeo.

Filming Great Whites

This video was made during one of five expeditions to make the IMAX feature Under the Sea 3D. Ocean Technology Systems built the custom underwater communications devices we used which included microphones embedded in our rebreather mouthpieces. You may notice a fiberglass prod our safety divers were prepared to use to push sharks away should they get too close. The prod had a rubber tip and was harmless to the sharks. We never really needed to use it.  Video was captured with a Panasonic P2 camera.  Most of the videography was by Mark Thurlow.  To say that the underwater IMAX 3D system is cumbersome is a laughable understatement. But I love working in this format precisely because it is so challenging.

Under the Sea 3D is a co-production of IMAX Corp and Warner Bros Pictures in association with Howard Hall Productions. It was released to IMAX theaters in February 2009

Filming Great Whites from Howard Hall on Vimeo.

The Blue Ocean in RED

This video is my “best of” 4k  collection as of the 2011 year. Image capture was with the RED One camera using Nikon lenses. Locations include the Maldives, Alaska, California, Cocos Island Costa Rica, and Mexico. Music was composed by Shie Rozow.

The Blue Ocean in RED from Howard Hall on Vimeo.

Ocean Requiem

I created this video prior to 2009 as a subtle indictment of over-fishing and gill nets. It was captured exclusively on HDCAM with a Sony 900 camera. Original music is by Alan Williams.

Ocean Requiem from Howard Hall on Vimeo.

Cocos 2010

Cocos 2010 was captured using the RED One camera during 14 days at Cocos Island, Costa Rica. During that time we made four dives aboard the Undersea Hunter submersible, DeepSee.

Cocos 2010 from Howard Hall on Vimeo.

Sailfish Drama

Sailfish Drama was captured at Isla Mujeres, Mexico in February 2010. The footage was captured with a RED One camera, using a Tokina 10-17mm lens, in a Deep RED Gates housing. The video was down-sampled to 720 24p from the original 4K RED files. The music was composed by Alan Williams for the IMAX feature, Island of the Sharks, which I directed in 1998.

Sailfish Drama from Howard Hall on Vimeo.

The Maldives in RED

Marine life of the Maldives Islands captured in RED One 4K with music by Shie Rozow.

The Maldives in RED from Howard Hall on Vimeo.